ALL-LEAGUE FOOTBALL TEAMS — Peninsula Athletic League

12 12 2011

So, we’re ALMOST done with football. I’ll take the next couple of posts to tie up some loose ends as we officially put the Fall season to bed. There is tons still left to do, including, DRUMROOOOLLL, The All-Daily Journal Football team. I love it when I get it my way.

Before all that fun jazz is announced, I notice through my STATS PAGE (which by the way, said my blog just reached 30,000 total views, so thank you to everyone who stumbles across this thing) that some of you are looking for the All-League teams from the PAL. The three teams were announced last week, but the PAL just put them up on their website. I’m saving you a trip over there. Here are the three teams:

Player of the Year in the Bay was a no-brainer. Chris Forbes of Terra Nova was a man amongst boys … not just in the PAL, but in CCS, at the quarterback position. Notice, THREE M-A players on this initial list though. Bears had some athletes. Only downside? They’re all seniors. Rest of the team:


The man on this list is Matt Ballard of Half Moon Bay. The best thing about the Half Moon Bay head coach wasn’t that he won the Ocean, it was that it did it while EVERYONE was snubbing his team the entire preseason. Even when they won the first couple of games in the regular season, we were all, ‘well, can he keep this up?’ Yup. Yup. Rest of the team:


A lot of great names on this list. Lasala was a beast for Carlmont, who finished with a share of the division title despite an 0-4 start to the year. Sky Regan might be the smallest starter in the entire PAL, but I assure you that no one plays with bigger heart. Kid is a player. Rest of the team:

Congrats to the all players.  




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