19 12 2011

I told you it was coming!

If you picked a copy of today’s Daily Journal, you have already seen that we decided to select an All-Daily Journal Football Team. In my three years of being at the Daily Journal, we’ve never selected one. I can definitely see why … it’s hard to pick. There are a lot of things to consider, lots of players, different leagues, two-way players etc. etc. But I decided to take it upon myself to study a bit and find who I thought would make a great team. The skill players obviously are a bit easier. Here’s who we went with.

There is a story, or more like a rundown, that accompanies it, that ran in today’s edition of the Daily Journal. You can read that here.

Congratulations to the players. I’ve been covering sports on the Peninsula for about five years now, and the 2011 season was my favorite … mostly because it was my first FULL season, with football 24/7, constantly talking to coaches, watching games, reading results. Now, onto basketball and futbol.





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