19 12 2011

Remember this? This? And this?

Well, it’s that time of year again where we go about choosing our Athletes of the Year. Every year since I’ve been at the Daily Journal, I’ve taken it upon myself to come up with a theme in order to present the Athletes of the Year with a bit more flash. Sometimes it works, sometimes it bombs, but it’s always (a) a boatload of work and (b) fun << this being the most important thing. This year’s theme was “MONEY PLAYERS.” Don’t ask me where I got the idea from. I just did. After some tinkering on Photoshop, we are now all systems go for 2011.



I wrote the accompanying piece that goes with Day 1’s graphic … as you may have guess, it goes in that white space there. Unfortunately, the front page of sports landed on a b/w page today, so, you don’t get to see what it looked like with the text. Here’s a bit of the story:

By Julio Lara • Daily Journal Staff

Before you read any further, you should know that you’re already behind. 

Because you blinked — and that’s all it takes. 

Don’t feel too bad though. You should also know that on 36 different occasions entire high school football defenses did the exact same thing and just like that, Serra’s Erich Wilson was gone — destination: the end zone, the records books and eventually, Padre immortality. 

And all it took was a missed tackle, a small window or a blink.

I’d like to go on record as saying that Erich is the best running back I have ever seen at the high school level. I tried thinking if there was another player I have seen at his level. The only name that came to mind for me was a kid named Simmons who played for Jefferson when I was in high school — he was probably as fast but not as long and strong. Other than that, I really can’t think of anyone on the same level.

Choosing Wilson was made relatively easier once Terra Nova’s Chris Forbes was knocked out of the playoffs. For a while there, it was pretty close in terms of who we were thinking about choosing. Forbes’ numbers were untouched in CCS (expect for maybe that kid from Gilroy who’s very good, too). But as Wilson kept breaking records and with the Padres winning CCS, it became a no-brainer.

As always, the bigger projects come with a front page spot, here’s the one that goes with this one.


I wonder how many readers picked up the paper today and said, “what’s ‘ballin'” … LOL. Sorry, I grew up with slang, plus my copy editor on Sunday night seem to understand exactly what it meant. Not that Bill Silverfarb is OLD, but he’s older than me.

Anywho, Tuesday is volleyball, followed by water polo, cross country, golf/tennis.




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