SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS — Playoff Preview

14 01 2012

Yeah, I know! Where have I been?!

Somewhere in between writing my post for the Top Concerts of the Year and right now, I juggled about 17 different things — not the least of which was my birthday (so, cheers, to me, on turning 29). But one of the things I did work on was an infographic to commemorate the San Francisco 49ers (the team of my youth) and their return to the NFL Playoffs. Color me excited. Actually, I wasn’t going to build one, BUT, I just had to because it’s an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. SO, without having a whole lot of time, this is what I came with.

The lesson here, boys and girls, is that’s OK to recycle. Two seasons ago, I designed a preview page for the 49ers that never saw print. This year, lacking the time, I took of those same elements and moved them around a little bit to fit my idea for the playoff preview. The image of Alex Smith is the same, and I reused the football field, but then I worked around those and added different elements.

I liked the end product. I thought it was clean and effectively gave our readers tidbits of information. Sure, I would have loved to do a larger piece. But, I’ll save that idea for the Super Bowl (IF we make it … IF). Oh, I also put together a quick teaser for the front page. Here is it.

Nice seeing everyone again. I have a ton to blog about, just haven’t had the time. But, I will. Scouts honor.





3 responses

14 01 2012

Hey Tio Julio, I see the picture is the same. Really, you gotta get some new headphones and reshoot. You never know whose watchin’ 🙂

15 01 2012

Hehe. I’ll get on that, Mrs. T.

21 01 2012

[…] a crazy week. One, I produce this bad boy with the NFC Divisional Game in mind. What happens? Freakin’ craziest football game I’ve ever seen. Almost immediately after, […]

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