24 01 2012

So with school starting up again (yes, stay in school, kids, it’s important) there’s been a bit of change in scheduling at the Daily Journal. It looks like from now on, July! will be in charge of creating the front page of sports for every Tuesday edition. Yeah, I can deal with that. Sounds cool and fun. I wanted to share with y’all Tuesday’s front page as Niner fans continue to recover from the aftermath of Sunday’s game.

It’s not the sexiest page I’ve designed. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned from my time as a full-time reporter, and I’ve taken that into the design realm of my job, it’s that they don’t ALL have to be masterpieces. I enjoyed this one though because I was able to add a little something something to it. Mainly, this quote from Jim Harbaugh, who was quoting Ernest Hemmingway when talking about his team. Here’s a closer look at the page’s main art.

I also wrote the two stories on the bottom. I’ll post link to the one on the left in particular later in a different post.

Stay in school, kids. It’s good for you; good FOR you.




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