21 02 2012

In a writing career that has reached six years (so far), I’ve reported on hundreds, maybe thousands of athletes. And I’ve been to countless games and events. Sunday afternoon though, I went to the most important game of my life and got a chance to watch my favorite futbol player take the pitch. If you haven’t heard of him yet, you will. He’s my nephew, Nicholas. Or ‘Cas for short.

There he is participating in some drills. My nephew plays in a program called Soccer Tots. It’s an awesome league for little boys and girls who are looking to learn the Beautiful Game. They also emphasize exercise and a healthy lifestyle. ‘Cas joined about 3 or 4 weeks ago, and I finally got the chance to go watch him participate. He’s not my son, but I don’t think I’ve ever swelled up with so much pride.

Now, I will say this, futbol is in Cas’ veins. His dad, my brother, never played organized ball, but both his grandfathers did. So in terms of running and all that ball control jazz, ‘Cas is a natural. He’s a kind boy though, so he has to develop that competitive instinct in him still. But he takes to his teammates great. And more importantly, ‘Cas has fun.

I will say this, I’m going to make a TERRIBLE soccer-dad one day (if and when God decides to give me kids and I can trick some girl into being my baby-mama). The boy is my nephew, but I was all nerves watching him participate in his drills and in the small scrimmage. Before the day started, I told ‘Cas I wanted THREE goals. His response, “Wellllll, I’m going to try my best.” Freakin’ melted my heart. Guess what though!? He scored three times!! Here he is scoring with his teammate Gwen as the goalkeeper.

And here he is running around the cones to set up his shot.

I have an entire album of his day up on Facebook (click below to view it). He’s a fantastic kid who makes a lot of us proud. I for one would love a son just like him one day.  And I’m sure if he puts his mind it, ‘Cas can accomplish whatever he dreams. As for his uncle, I wouldn’t mind an offensive-minded midfielder in the form of Andres Iniesta one day 🙂

I’ve told ‘Cas that I want him to grow up to be someone special.

The thing is, He already is.




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