21 02 2012

Man, I love brackets. And if there’s one thing I love more than brackets, it’s filling in who I think is going to win … and then slamming my head against my desk at the Journal when I AM ALL WRONG! You know what, it doesn’t stop me from doing it though. OK, so CCS basketball, there are 10 brackets. You can find them all here. I’d be lying if I said I have the same vested interest in all 10 — I don’t. I love some more than others. Here are the ones I, and most other fans/writers, will be looking at. Good luck to everyone though. (I predict I’ll nail … hmm, at least two of these).

BOYS DIVISION II … or my so called, “Bracket of Death.” This thing is loaded and it’s especially top-heavy. I like our local squad in Aragon to pull off a couple of big wins for their program — I like their chances against Los Gatos and with a little momentum, I’m taking the upset in the second round. But MITTY, whoa whoa whoa. Mitty is a beast. A state title contender. I’m sure Serra wants another crack at Mitty, but PALY will be tough. Two very well coached teams in Serra and Paly. This bracket is going to be SO MUCH FUN.

BOYS DIVISION III … If my bracket holds up, then the game EVERYONE needs to watch is El Camino vs. S.I. That is a dream matchup at the point guard position. Two very quick, very explosive players. Does E.C have someone to match up with Mr. Domingo though? Mr. Knight perhaps? Looks like Burlingame, if they beat Monterey, which I think they very much can, would run into a stronger, more experienced SHC. And the thing there is, SHC group of players that beat the Panthers last year in the title game, are back and actually better this year. I think Mills makes a run before bowing out. And I like E.C. in the title game. Call it a homer pick if you must.

BOYS DIVISION IV … in another homer-filled bracket, I just want to see Menlo take on SHP. I think that atmosphere would be electric in Santa Clara. It’s not too far-fetched. Palma is quite strong, so Menlo has to play out of their minds to beat them. I think the Gators match up very well against Soquel and McConnell is a beast.

GIRLS DIVISION III … the expectations couldn’t be higher for Terra Nova. This is there year. It has to be, right? What better way for Moe, Cook-Taylor and Lauala to ride off into the sunset than with a CCS trophy? The path to the title is clear. I like San Mateo to bounce back and pick up some wins. Mills is here too, but Santa Cruz didn’t win 23 games by accident.

GIRLS DIVISION IV … the thing about getting your teeth kicked in every week in the WCAL is that it prepares you like no other league for the CCS playoffs. Ask Notre Dame-Belmont. The got their @$$ handed to in league play this year. But they earned a 4-seed and could very well take the whole thing. Taking a glance at Soquel’s wins, I like them this year. Menlo will be fun to watch with Edelman. And SHP is capable of catching fire.





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24 02 2012

[…] A couple of days ago, I gave my CCS basketball predictions for five of the 10 brackets, the ones that pertained the most to the DJ’s coverage area. Let’s see how I did … staying the boys’ brackets. […]

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