25 02 2012

July! gets to cover a lot of cool stuff in his journalism endeavors. I am, a sports reporter by business card, but I am first and foremost a writer. And of all the things I get to write about, one of my favorite every single year that I’ve done it, is CINEQUEST in San Jose. For my money, it’s one of the best things about the Bay Area — and definitely about San Jose.

Now going on 22 years, CINEQUEST is a cinema-lover’s paradise. There is a ton to do over 13 days that, if I could, I’d get a hotel room somewhere in San Jose and just enjoy the two weeks of film, lecture, awards, parties, etc. etc. etc. Awesome stuff. I’ve been given access to it in 2012 (thank you, CINEQUEST) and I’ll be bringing you more about my time there on July! at a later time. For now, here a couple of must haves. First, the festival guide, you can download the 36MB thing here.  You’re going to need it.

Second, here are some films I picked out from that guide that are on my list for the next couple of weeks. Last year, this same method yielded me four great films. But honestly, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Oh, our write up of CINEQUEST is here. Remember folks, there are 200 of these! Jesus. That’s a lot of great films. Here’s the ones we mentioned in the Journal:

And then there are others that caught my attention which you should look into if you have that kind of awesome time to do so. Lucky you.

I’ll see you all there. Follow me on Twitter if you don’t already @julitolara … I’ll be giving you some THUMBS UP or DOWN after my viewing. I’ll there on the weekends mostly. Hopefully. Can’t freakin’ wait!




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