25 02 2012

Yes, the man the myth the legend is making an appearance today in San Carlos at Undisputed Gym. A couple of weeks ago, my editor Jon Mays, asked me to look into the story. And I did. Mike is here to sign some stuff, make a little cash, have some fun. It’s one of two stops on the Peninsula for the former undisputed heavyweight champion. Here’s how the Daily Journal welcomed him (click for a larger view):

As of, 2:00 p.m. Friday afternoon, this number did not exist. I put it together after I was told that we didn’t have any artwork (photo, whatev) for the front page of sports. Of course, I opened my big mouth and said, “I’ll build something.” Originally, my editor sent over a couple of low res images that we couldn’t use for size purposes. So, I found that black image of Tyson online. After playing with it and converting all that black into 100K, I realized I had some room to work with on the bottom. That is where the half timeline thing comes into play. I thought it was pretty sweet. And considering how quickly I had to conceive it, I was pleased.

The story isn’t over there. Once my editor leaves, my copy editor and EIC, ERIK and JON, are pondering ideas for the front page of the newspaper. Nothing is really striking them as cool, so Jon says, “Well, there’s always Julio’s Mike Tyson piece.” To which I replied, “Sure. Why not?” So, we moved it to A1, which forced me to build another centerpiece for SPORTS altogether while Tyson got the front page treatment. Here’s on it looked once the copy (which I wrote) got added on.

I know the ads pay my salary, but DAMN, they are an eye sore. Anyways, here’s a quickie at how SPORTS ended up looking. Can’t help you too much with the size because it’s a screen shot.

But here’s a slightly larger look at the picture centerpiece.

Lesson here: Always say yes to A1. That is all. Good night. For now.




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25 02 2012

Wish I was there. Always wanted to meet the scariest boxer of all time :).

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