28 02 2012

Before we begin, a little history lesson, courtesy of our friends at Wikipedia: The Netherlands national football team famously plays in bright orange shirts. Orange is the historic national colour of the Netherlands, originating from the coat of arms of the Dutch founding father William of Orange-Nassau. The top red band of the current flag was originally orange. The current Dutch away shirt is white, with two thin lines outlining a chevron containing the colours of the Dutch flag. Occasionally, orange socks are worn instead of light blue socks, such as in the qualifier against Scotland on March 28, 2009.

Well, it’s no longer white. And as you’ve seen me post a couple times on July! already, THE FUTURE IS HERE …

That of course is Wesley Sneijder, midfielder of the Oranje, sporting the 2012 kit, to be released on Feb. 29, just in time for EURO 2012. It’s a thing of beauty, the away kit, and I’m assuming the home kit will follow shortly — it’s my understanding that it’ll be out sometime before the friendly against Bayern Munich in May. I’m sure this will hold us Dutch fans over until then. I’ve combed the internet for information on this shirt, and to be honest, most people are picking from the same news source, mostly about how technologically advanced the jersey is. That’s all good. And from what I can gather, most people actually like it and are saying it’s Nike’s best looking new kit.

Here’s what Holland has done before.

For a much more detailed look, the link will take you to the boys at OldFootballShirts.com, they have a collection of, well, old football shirts. It’s pretty sick to go through all of them. But the sakes of this post, notice the away kits. Some person somewhere said this was the first time Holland has gone with a black touch, and obviously that isn’t the case. 2002-2004 we got black. Closer look.

That’s my boy’s, Ruud (I have his Real Madrid shirt, TY, B). Anyways, It’s bulky, trash-bag like and there’s too much orange. Which sounds weird coming from a team who’s color is orange, but, it’s trying too hard, let’s just put it that way. The 2012 version doesn’t shy away from the black. The thing is intimidating. But it stays true, and is taken to that OTHER level by the orange half-sash on the right side. Totally loving the look. I liked the white, but the black screams bolder. Check out the No. pattern on the back.

There are a lot of great details, and for the sakes of time and not wanting to copy all the cool features from other sites that have had them posted for a while now, here are some places to visit if you wish to learn more about the shirt. First, a video from the release party in the Netherlands. My only complaint is that stupid song with Pitbull. Stupid.

And here are the other links … ONETWOTHREEFOUR … (you’re going to have to trust me and click).

Yes. I did indeed check ahead to see if NikeTown San Francisco will launch the jersey on Feb. 29th as promised by the people at Nike Soccer. This is what they replied.

Great news because it totally saves you money on the shipping charge. Anyways, so, I’ll be at 278 Post St. San Francisco at 10 a.m. to buy my shirt.

Can’t wait. HUP HOLLAND HUP!




5 responses

28 02 2012

But, wait… I already own a totally outrageous bright orange Holland jersey. What’s a girl to do?

28 02 2012

1. By ‘outrageous’ you mean ‘super awesome’ right? And 2. The good news is, this kit is BLACK and every time you wear it, it’ll look like you’re rooting for San Mateo, Mrs. T.

1 03 2012

Dude, I can’t believe you wrote a 1000 word blog on a jersey! Haha!

1 03 2012

Not a jersey, man. It’s a way of life. HUP HOLLAND!

18 03 2012

[…] know through my constant, almost freakin’ annoying blogging about it * ( HERE,  HERE,  HERE TOO ) * my goal in life had been to get my hand on the new Netherlands Football Kit which launched […]

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