2 03 2012

Figured I should give y’all a quick look at the CCS preview page I worked on for Friday’s edition of the Daily Journal. You can click on it for a larger look. Nothing real special actually. It was a one-man show on Thursday and I decided (rather foolishly) to build something large for tomorrow’s CCS FINALS. It’s Serra vs. Mitty is Division II and Sacred Heart Prep vs. Half Moon Bay in Division IV. Since Serra was the lone team, I went with them bigger. These highly filtered, highly manipulated images are VERY hit-or-miss. After playing with it for a couple hours, it’s more hit than miss this time around, but it took a long time.

I know, there probably is a better way to present the copy under the two players on the right, but I just didn’t  have the time. I wrote the piece too, by the way, read it at under SPORTS (to the left there, on the menu bar). Not 100 percent thrilled with the result. I NEED MORE TIME, MAN! I will however, use that banner thing again some day. I like the idea. My only gripe with it this time is that they aren’t wavy enough. If I had more time, I’d focus on that. Here’s a closer look.

I saw the idea once on a Lakers’ championship game and thought it was pretty dope. I will revisit it one day. One day. Anyways, I could go on and on, but I’m tired and I’m sure you don’t want to hear me whine about how I’ll NEVER DO ONE OF THESE AGAIN and turn around and build something anyways. Yeah, yeah, I annoy myself. Take a number =)




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