10 03 2012

2012 will mark my third season covering San Jose Earthquakes soccer (which I will refer to now on as football out of respect for the game). And so, to commemorate this fine occasion, and because I love the sport so damn much, I decided to put something together as a preview for the 2012 season. I got the inspiration while driving to San Jose for the CCS championship last weekend and, once inspired, it’s becomes a mission of mine to make something that I like. Here is the graphic (click for a larger view):

You may have seen the Chris Wondolowski billboard on your drive down the 101. It looks a little something like this:

These are the kind of images that make an info graphic really POP … super big time … when I saw it, I knew I just HAD to have the image. Luckily for us at the DJ, we work with some great people at the Quakes — mainly Frank Stranzl and in this occasion, Niki Shinn. Both totally got me what I needed. The billboard image was sent to me and I knew I could go in and erase the TYPE, but it would save a ton of time if I just had the image, which Niki so graciously sent over to me. Once I had that, it just a matter of getting in the elements that I wanted. I had a lot of stuff.




Initially, the graphic was built to go horizontal along an entire page of our newspaper. But space is always an issue, and I had to settle for half. I was quite pleased that upon printing it out, the copy was still legible. With the work that went into it, I would have loved to have seen it laid out across a page, but it’s all good in the hood. Here’s what it looked like on the front page of SPORTS.

Yes, of course I wrote the preview that corresponds with the ‘artwork’ … you can find it at http://www.smdailyjournal.com and by clicking on SPORTS. Or, I’ll post it when the link goes live. Whichever comes first.





One response

17 03 2012
Liviu Bird

Continues to be my favorite graphic I’ve seen in a long time. Works great with the page as well. Had to come back and look at it again just now.

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