20 03 2012

Perhaps the thing that I love the most about my life is how blessed I’ve been with my relationships. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve had the great fortune of associating, interacting and sharing time with friends, who are more like my family, and in that shared time, I’ve seen them grow and pursue their passions. More than anything, what inspires me, almost without failure, is passion.

Here’s the latest from my BFAM Matthew Maniego, who’s been hard at work with his project, “A Woman Who.” Matthew writes: A Woman Who is a short-film series on creative and successful women. Writers, musicians, designers, artists; each woman distinguished in her own right. And though their disciplines differ, they each resemble what the definition of a Woman is.

The series, which launched today, March 20th, starts with Allison. Painter.

A Woman Who – Allison from Matt Maniego on Vimeo.

More than anything I post on here, I’d ask you to take a minute and spread the word on this project. It’s really a labor of love. Matt continues saying: A Woman Who is influenced by the two main role models in my life: my mother, Dolores Andres Cruz, and my grandmother Flora Andres. This project is dedicated to my mother because she is a woman who sacrificed so that her children could have a better future. This project is dedicated to my grandmother because she was a woman who loved unconditionally, giving until the day she passed away. They are the women who inspired me; shaped me, making me the man I am today.

Allison is just the first of a series of women “A Woman Who” will highlight. And realistically, between you and I, is there anything sexier in a woman that ambitious? Vision? Drive? Matt was really fortunate to find women that possess those qualities and happen to be incredibly gorgeous on the outside as well. It appears Matt has done a fantastic job of capturing all these elements through his lens. Here’s the overall trailer of the other women he has chosen in this initial phase.

A Woman Who Promo 2 from Matt Maniego on Vimeo.

Matt adds: The purpose of the project is to inspire anyone, not just women, but ANYONE to pursue their dreams, just like how my grandmother and mom inspired me. If this project gets viewed by one person, and that one person is inspired to do something great, then my job is accomplished.

You can follow Matt’s journey as he pieces together this amazing puzzle on Facebook. This is a set of photos from his shoot with Kate Wintrode, a fashion designer who owns her own line of high-end men’s clothing.

You know, whether it’s a camera (like Matt), words (like July!), a paint brush (like Allison), the harsh reality is that creative minds have an inherent need to create. Let me repeat that, it’s a need, something we can’t control. Artists like Matt and Allison are terribly gifted and it’s a joy to experience a finished project like “A Woman Who.” But the pleasure I feel comes from watching a creative mind labor through the process and wrestle with their own perception of perfection. As an artist, that perfection is an unobtainable goal. But what sets people like Matt and Allison apart from the rest of us is that they show up to that fight every day. They show up. And once in a while they win.

Matt, you won, Brother.

Follow the project at awomanwho.com




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