29 03 2012

Those of us who feel like we know the game of futbol love it for a variety of reasons. We see things differently. And while goals pay the bills (and rightfully so; you can’t win a game if you don’t score), there are nuances to the game that make it beautiful. I think that’s where the Daily Journal Soccer Players of the Year struck a chord this time around. There were a couple of players that put up some great numbers and other publications chose to highlight them. I wanted the Daily Journal to go a different route, and show a different understanding of the Beautiful Game.


I’m going to put Rachel on the spot here: I called to inform her last week that she had won and the girl screamed like I told her she had just on the mega-million! Haha. It was great to hear how excited she was to win. Rachel deserves it. For my money, no one wore the captain’s armband better. She was on the short list of the league’s best defenders … but she was much more. She was like, the pulse of the CCS winning Aragon team. Rachel played hard, tough, darn near vicious sometimes, but always within what I felt was fair. And I’m just in love of that goal she scored against Mitty.

As you can see, we picked our All-Daily Journal Girls’ Soccer Team. Here’s a closer look.

I had a hard time picking players. As a writer, and lover of the sport, there were those players whose game I fell in love with from a very early part of the season. And as a writer, I wanted to be fair to all 300+ players in our coverage area. That’s not easy to do. Believe me. Yes, I went the 4-3-3 route. I love that style of soccer, offensive options galore. I only had a line under the name to try and sum up why a player deserved to play on the team, but honestly, we could go on forever. What we didn’t get to do, time and space being a factor, was put together an All-Underclassmen team. There were so many great young players out there. It’s pretty exciting for Peninsula soccer to have that much awesome talent as freshmen and sophomores. The league (PAL) is in good hands.


Man, we mulled this choice over for days and days. At the end of the day, San Mateo’s rings were what tipped the scale in Benny’s favor. Up until Sunday, the race was between Benny and Menlo-Atherton’s Aaron Oro, who’s been a favorite player of ours since last year. It could have easily gone to him. But San Mateo’s run through league and CCS was special. And again, there were things that Benny did that never saw the box score … sometimes not even our stories. But that’s not to say that they didn’t go unnoticed. It does however, get harder to write stories when there is a lack of numbers — as was the case with Rachel. But as I wrote them, and filled the word count with ease, I realized we had made the proper choices.

Here’s  a closer look at the All-Boys Soccer Team. Better, purer scorers on the boys side of things. Therefore, a 4-4-2 was a better choice in my view. This one was easy either. There were a lot of great players we didn’t get to see too much of this season, but their reputation preceded them.

The deed is almost done. We have one more Athlete of the Year to go. Then we can focus fully on baseball and softball. As for now, July! bids adieu to the prep futbol season. It was a great ride. I feel very lucky to have seen some great futbol. We’ll go hard on the blog during the Euro Cup in June. Until then, we’ll leave you the words of Rachel Killigrew … “keep it low, and hard.”





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3 04 2012

July I like your selection for the All Daily Journal teams. It would have been great to see those teams play in competition.


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