2 04 2012

My childhood has officially ended.

Well, maybe not. But as a fan of checkpoints or more like, life-markers, yesterday marked a very important day for me. It was Wrestlemania 28, held in Miami. A reported 78,000 people packed the Sunlife Stadium to witness the WWE’s biggest night of the year. Now, I haven’t followed wrestling like I used to back in my teens (I used to be huge on WCW, the nWo, DX, etc etc), but if I ever take the time to check into the WWE universe, it’s for one man and one wrestler alone: THE UNDERTAKER.

Thousands of wrestlers have come and gone through various wrestling promotions, but the Phenom of World Wrestling Entertainment has rode iconic status since he beat Jimmy Superfly Snuka in 1991. Since then, no wrestler has captured my interest quite like the Dead Man. His matches were epic, his wrestling impeccable, and, other than that stint he did with the Brotherhood of whatever the f*ck that was, his story lines have always been my favorite.

No storyline or achievement is bigger though, then Taker’s perfect record at Wrestlemania, the industry’s biggest event. In 19 years, The Undertaker was 19-0. Which might not mean much considering that 99.9 percent of wrestling outcomes are pre-determined, but to a guy like me, the fact that the Undertaker is now 20-0 (following his Hell in the Cell win over HHH on Sunday) shows me just how much respect WWE has for this man. In 20 years, 20 matches, 20 Wrestlemanias, the writers, owners, etc have said, “Mark, you get the pin.” Sunday’s brawl with HHH wasn’t the prettiest thing, probably doesn’t crack Taker’s Top 5 matches of all time, but it presented the “End of an Era” quite literally, for us who grew up with Taker burying people alive, setting his brother Kane on fire, putting on epic matches with Shawn Michaels, and who can forget his tossing Mic Foley off the top of the Hell in the Cell cage, “As God as my witness, the man is broken in half!!!” — God Ol’ JR. 

Taker beat HHH on Sunday in a match that was way more acting than wrestling. But regardless, in all likelihood, Undertaker has fought his last match and come this time next year, he’ll be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. F*ck it, they should rename an entire wing in that bitch after him as far as I’m concerned. As for me, I’ll never have another reason to check back with the WWE Universe. In a sense, I’m retiring too.

Before I forget, these photos belong to WWE. You can head over to their website and check out a better slideshow of the match, and the entire event that was Wrestlemania 28 (which fell short, by a long shot. Jesus, perhaps my tastes have changed drastically, but not that much. I still enjoy a good wrestling match … but Rock/Cena was terrible. How in the world do people like John Cena? He’s a terrible wrestler! Even on his best day, he can’t touch HBK, Bret Hart, Kurt Angle … even the Rock).

Thank you, Undertaker, for some wonderful memories. You’re the best there ever was in my opinion. HHH is a class act, too. Just saying.




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2 04 2012

I enjoyed the show for the most part. I thought Punk / Jericho was A-, with Rock / Cena being a solid B, just behind the fact that the fans were so involved. Hate to see the Taker go, but I’m glad they didn’t blemish his record..

4 07 2013

excellent Post I’m a huge WWE supporter from Holland

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