3 04 2012

My good friend and fellow baseball lover, Israel Tenorio (who should really start his own blog, the guys knows a ton of about sports) broke the Matt Cain story to me and the rest of his Facebook followers last night. To which, well, this is what he posted …

We all loved the idea, but thought the guy was playing an April Fools joke of the cruelest variety on us. As it turns out, Israel was absolutely correct (and let me tell you, the man can gloat with the best them!). Matt Cain did indeed sign today, Monday, for $127.5 million dollars — making him the highest paid right-hander, pretty much ever. It’s one of the biggest re-signings ever given his stature in S.F Giants lore. Here’s how we commemorated it in the Daily Journal.

I will absolutely not take the credit for that headline, which I happen to absolutely love. That goes to Marcus Ortiz, long-time friend and now So Cal native (come home, Bro. Come home). I’m sitting in my car thinking about layout and covering a baseball game at Aragon, going through puns (“Here comes the Cain!” Naw, that won’t work, he’s been HERE. Idiot). Anyway, nothing was sticking, so I went to Facebook. Here’s the post.

Once I got into the office, it was a matter of searching for a half decent photo and manipulating the SPORTS flag … what really made it stand out was the headline. It’s awesome. So, thanks for the Ortiz mind. Haha. You can read about the deal here. I feel nothing about it. Well, that’s not true. But, I’m not a columnist yet. And this isn’t that type of blog.




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