12 05 2012

Eight months ago (or something close to that) I was at Outside Lands covering the festival. And in my schedule, I circled an artist by the name of Ana Tijoux. Honestly, I had no clue. I thought, “Ana” and Latina came to mind. So, I decided to go check her out. And she blew my mind. 

The woman has got a straight up mean flow — better, nay, head and shoulders better, than anything the female rap game here in the U.S. has to offer (well, at least of the rappers that are in the spotlight). I wrote a nice little story to accompany Ana’s visit to the Bay Area and she was actually here not too long ago with a Nacional Records tour stop. BUT, my car went all stupid and I missed that show. NOW, she’s back. Tuesday. At the Independent in San Francisco. I’m super excited. Ana will be performing from ‘LA BALA’ which you need to get. She’ll be there with Oakland’s own, Los Rakas.

Los Rakas are sick. They’re off of Nacional’s label. Here’s a video (or more like slideshow) of one of my favorite songs:

Dudes are smooth. Anyways, on to the matters of this post. My publication, the San Mateo Daily Journal, got hooked up with tickets to the show to give away via our Facebook page. So, venture on over to the San Mateo Daily Journal Facebook page, LIKE it, and comment on the link with Ana and Los Rakas. A winner will be chosen on Monday … so stay tuned!




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