25 05 2012

School’s out, people. So that means more time to post some bloggerific stuff. There are a couple of things I should note while I’ve been a tad MIA from July! … I won a pair of San Francisco Peninsula Press Club awards … blog has reached 80,000 views (cool) … and shows are slowly starting to creep up as the summer season heats up. Anyway, that’s not why we’re here.

We’re here for my Brother, Matthew Maniego, whose project, “A WOMAN WHO” is taking off like a bandit. He just released his most recent piece which highlights a young woman by the name of Kate Wintrode, owner of Fifth&Brannan in San Francisco.

Kate’s story, and that of Fifth & Brannan, is a great one. She’s a fashion designer for men like myself who have absolutely no clue how to put ourselves together other than throwing on a t-shirt, some jeans and our Barcelona hoodie. Matt told me he had selected her for his series and I visited the site — her clothing is straight baller status in terms of quality. If you’re a guy, you’d be doing yourself a HUGE favor by following their blog >> GO.

Right about now I’d me remised not to mention the work of Matt’s team on this project, Photographer John Agcaoili, A.C. Andrew Kim and graphic designer and BFAM Mark Penacerrada (who had his hand in this kind of stuff)

Here’s the full set:

A great friend of mine is getting married soon, very soon actually, and I’ll be hitting up Fifth&Brannan for some fashion help, I’m sure. FOLLOW FIFTH&BRANNAN ON FACEBOOK HERE. FOLLOW MATT MANIEGO EVERYWHERE HE GOES HERE.

“A Woman Who” is three episodes in. Kate’s was the third.

Episode 2 highlights Rachel Tan (with major assist to my girl, Melissa)

And Episode 1 highlights Allison Torneros




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