6 06 2012

The clock is ticking, my futbol friends … we are only a day away from the UEFA Cup version 2012. I’m super pumped. Actually, I’d be super duper pumped if it wasn’t for the fact that I totally screwed up my ankle not too long ago and have thus sworn off craziness for a while, BUT, SUPER pumped works just as good when you’re me.

For those wondering how this post is going to pan out, it’s very simple: I like to embarrass myself with predictions all the time. I love being wrong. But more than that, I love thinking I’m wrong and actually being right … THEN … doing my happy dance all over the “haters.” So hopefully, you’ll see me celebrating come the beginning of July. OK, fixtures are below for opening round games with the red circles denoting who I think will win said match. If you don’t see a circle, it’s because I think it’ll end in a draw. Further down, you’ll find my bracket for the knockout phase, and then you’ll see who the people at ESPN FC are picking to win (SPAIN??! Really?! Y’all trippin). Ah yes, those times are apparently WEST COAST times.

Now, after the opening round is done, here’s how I think the teams will be left standing … that’s right baby, HUP HOLLAND HUP!!

That’s actually straight from ESPN FC’s online Bracket Predictor … which actually tells you what the rest of the world thinks and the rest of the world seems to think that Spain is going to repeat. I have to disagree. I think their defense is suspect. I think Torres is non-factor, I think Villa is only a slight factor and unless Iniesta or Xavi start scoring all the goals, I don’t think Pedro has the chops up front. But, well, I’ve been wrong before (many times).

Tomorrow, we’ll look at a couple of things I have my eye on during the tournament … as well as where you can catch me watching the matches. Until then, everyone, please, bow down to the ORANJE!




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