EURO 2012 — DAY 2

9 06 2012

Well, if you’re like me, you’ve pinched yourself a couple of times already … and yes, not definitely the UEFA Cup is on.

As a fan, yes I was intrigued by the futbol played in Day 1 but admittedly I was sort of disgusted by Group A when it was drawn, so my interest level for Games 1 and 2 (of 31) was based on finding out something about these teams. I went 0 for 2. I did pick a draw, just in the wrong game. What we know is this • The Czech Republic’s defense is terrible and while it may even pass as laudable the truth is, if Cech plays like an amateur goalkeeping, C.R. is going 0-3 … • That said, whatever Russia had for breakfast, box it up and sell it. Wow. They’re a fast, fun team to watch … • This man should not be allowed to referee any more futbol matches. Simply abysmal … • Pimp of the Day: This guy. 

Today is a big day for July! with the Netherlands taking the pitch against Denmark and Portugal vs. Germany to begin the Group of Death festivities. Again, in  honor of sticking with consistency, some looks around at the globe newspaper wise — images are from the Newseum. My favorite is from the Netherlands.

Loosely translated, the headline reads “BRING IT ON!” … yes, indeed. Please do. OK, gallery time. As you’ll be able to note, the German papers are playing up the Bastian/Ronaldo matchup a lot.




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