Giants, A’s Force Game 4 —

10 10 2012

Yesterday was a pins and needles kind of day with the San Francisco Giants and Oakland A’s on the BRINK (oh! the brink!!) of elimination from the MLB playoffs. I spent some of the Giants game watching from a bar in San Mateo before heading back to the office and thinking about a possible visual presentation. With all due respect to Reuters, our photo wire supplier, sometimes the pictures aren’t too great. So when I went over to look at what they had after the Giants win, I was pleasantly surprised. Here’s how that went down …

A lot of different newspapers here locally used the shot — or similar shots. These photos are from the Newseum — a bad ass place. 

The shot is of Sergio Romo celebrating out No. 30 in the win. It’s a great shot. In fact, I LOVE SHOTS LIKE THAT … even more so than a great action shot — I love pictures that tell the entire story of a game, not just one play in it. That’s just a personal taste — from a designer’s stand point. Of course, these are A1 and I would love to see the actual SPORTS fronts for all these papers to compare. But as you can see, the bigger S.F. paid the game little mind. The Daily Journal did as well on the front — we teased it across the top only. Anyway. Originally, for this Sports front, it was just supposed to be Romo on the front page … see, this is the original as posted on Facebook …

But with the A’s winning, it was our wish (well, mine) to have Oakland displayed on the front page of sports after their (just as big) win. Hence, the pitcher of Sean Doolittle doing his battle cry worked great. I was going to put them side to side, tinkered with that a bit, but it was going to take too much time. I think I killed it just fine putting it where it landed.




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