12 10 2012

So, there was a little baseball game yesterday morning … what a win. I’m sure my friend, Michael Arce, won’t mind me stealing this from his Facebook wall. Michael Arce, a lifelong Giants fan, writes:

Whether you are a baseball fan or not, remember this. Remember what the San Francisco Giants accomplished today. This isn’t about snagging grounders, shaving corners of the strike zone, or stringing together a collection of hits and scoring runs. It’s not even about swinging for the fences.
What this is about, is fighting.
For 25 ballplayers, a handful of coaches, and one manager, this was a gargantuan test of strength, will, and heart. And then some. And even more after that. I attended game 2 of this series. We lost that game – badly I might add – going down 0-2 in a best of out 5, and it was the Giants’ last home game in the series.
Usher Dave Robison told myself and those who stayed for the final out, “I’ll see you next week.” I believed him. I believed that that man did not lie to me that night.
Because I believed that the Giants would go into Cincinnati and win all three remaining games in the Reds’ own backyard with 50,000+ screaming against us.
I believed Dave Robison because I didn’t think the Reds had it in them to win just one more game they needed to advance.
I believed Dave Robison, because I wanted to.I believed Dave Robison, because I love fighting for what I believe in. At the end of the day, it’s all I really have. It’s all I have left. And it’s all that I’ll ever be.
And Dave Robison, I’ll see you next week at the NLCS.

Sitting watching the game, I automatically started thinking about layout possibilities for the Journal — and those grew when Buster Posey sent a grand slam into the Great American seats.

Unfortunately, I got to the Daily Journal and found out space was definitely, definitely at an even higher premium (5 pages, that with advertisements meant maybe 3 1/4) and my dream page would have to stay such. But you know what, I said, f*ck that, we’re building it anyway. So, here you are July! peeps, Facebook gets it, you do, too.

Photo belongs to Reuters.




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