13 10 2012

So, I have 10 minutes for this post. I wanted to share the latest centerpiece to come from my laptop —

Our usual Tuesday press conference with Tim Tulloch netted us some great information prior to the College of San Mateo’s NorCal conference opener against Foothill College. I sat on the audio of that interview for a day, then another, then another … until we got to the end of the week and it was then that I decided, “hey, since we waited this freakin’ long, let’s put something graphical together for this story. Conference openers are a big enough deal, right?” Right. Julio is always right when talking to Julio. Here’s the end result of a handful of hours worth of work.

The bulk of the credit here goes to CSM’s official photographer, Patrick Nguyen, who does some insane insane work for the Bulldogs — and then loads it all on the team’s Facebook page. I have a feeling Patrick is going to makes lots of money one day doing this professionally. Here are some of the shots I used in the collage up top …


And just briefly, a piece of an album. Click on it and it’ll take you to the CSM Facebook Page …

The challenge with this particular project was … yup, the size of the images. I think it would have been relatively easy to hunt down Patrick and ask (nicely) to use one big photo … but his was a spur of the moment thing — so I decided to use my NLDS PREVIEW vibe and play off the faces of the players a bit. Ultimately, the end result looked good enough for a Sports front and we were still able to get a full Friday slate into the Journal. I do, good. job.




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