23 10 2012

I tell ya, in 2010, I watched from BJ’s Brewery in San Bruno as the Giants clinched the pennant against the Phillies. And I was thrilled, beyond that, even cried a bit (I have witnesses). BUT, I was a production artist back then, not a sports reporter or designer — so, how the Daily Journal presented that win was out of my control. And I tell ya, while I had listened to the whole game from my desk and was bummed about not being with the crazies, I was humbled to be able to put my twist on a historic moment. It means the world to me, really. Sports front for the Giants’ 2012 Pennant looks like this …

Photo is from Reuters — who got a couple of good shots. I knew we had to go large with it … and to be honest, I wanted something vertical, BUT, the best picture won out and really, there were a handful I looked at …

That’s what the desktop looked like at one point. We actually had to go with a slightly different version of this page because SPORTS didn’t have color for Tuesday’s edition. Such is the way of the free newspaper. But I kept the original for my own memory. Oh, come on, the headline?! Really? Baseball/Design gods hooked it up with that.

I need to get to a bar and watch the highlights and start thinking about … a World Series Preview?! Not enough time to pull that off, right?!




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