2012 World Series — Game 1

24 10 2012

So, I woke up late Tuesday morning knowing that there was no way the Tuesday schedule would allow me to design anything for Game 1 of the World Series — I mean, with the NLDS we had a lot more time and with the NLCS well, we did nothing because it started much too abruptly to do any proper planning. The same can be said about the World Series  — a one-day turnaround? Really? Pssst. Yeah right we weren’t going to design anything!! Here’s the end result.

You might think I’m joking but I literally had a chat with a friend of mine over pancakes Tuesday morning about intentionally leaving my laptop at home so I wouldn’t get the bug to design anything, thus, ruining my plans to see Zoe at the Mezzanine later that night.

But I got to work and my boss, Jon Mays, said he liked the NL Champions page and thought we should do something for the World Series. And after allotting some time in the work day, and after writing a pair of stories, I go to thinking … so much so that my real boss, Nathan Mollat, asked “do you have any idea what you’re going to do?” and I said, “absolutely not.”

No laptop. Therefore no brushes. No fonts. But, I think I’ve gotten to the point in my career where I can figure certain things out on the fly. First thing’s first, tracking down photos ….

Some of these are Reuters, others, just random stuff from the net. I knew I wanted to go with pitching since the stories we were running revolved around the arms in the World Series. Game 1 starters Justin Verlander and Barry Zito took center stage in that case and the original plan was to add the rest of the rotation around them. But before all the nonsense, I once told another designer that I have to be the luckiest SOB in the world considering that, well, I get lucky. And in this case, when tinkering with a background, and playing with the idea of an anchor, I came across these two images …

… that I made look something like this … (luck, I swear)

This was relatively early in the process, so it motivated me to keep going. I dug up some free Photoshop brushes and downloaded them into the dinosaur at work. Then I got to playing around with Barry Zito’s image — Game 1 starter for the Giants …

Again, luck. I tried using some shortcuts that just didn’t work out. So, I cut him out, pasted Zito into a color in the background and after blurring him up a bit, I just cut out his skin tone, which gave me this great blend of background and photo. I then did the same with Verlander …

Then we added the headline. I like You Are Loved — introduced to me by my boy McWendell Roth a while back …

And then finally, the stories were added and BOOM, final product done.

Enjoy the World Series, everyone! Here’s to building some more pages in the near future. Cheers.




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