20 11 2012

… But a good one. Full of plenty of work and pretty awesome design opportunities. All of which makes me happy yet kind of crazy at the same time. But last we spoke, the SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS were about to play in the 2012 World Series — which of course they swept from the Tigers (and made it look easy, too) — I was at the Civic Center celebrating with friends and wasn’t at the desk to design anything. Man, that would have been fun, too. But seriously, you can’t beat this feeling. Nothing touches it.

or this one …

Since then, well, since then madness has ensued. Shall we look at it via design stuff? Sure. Here we go:


Don’t ask how I managed to get a photo credit on this, OK, don’t ask because they’ll be an entirely separate blog post about this, but wow, long story short … having a press credential is pretty awesome. I was there with my friends …

… and wound up chasing Bruce Bochy and the Giants around on the parade route …

Crazy. I know. The Scutaro picture won out for me. Played it across all five column and threw a headline on it. It makes the run down because … well because I was in the damn parade! That’s why. More pictures to come … there were like, a thousand. But here, I made the Facebook album of the first batch public. Click on the photo to go there.


Miya Oto’s centerpiece was born out of necessity. It was the Tuesday of the 2012 presidential election and there was quite literally nothing else going on for us locally that we could take a picture of. What I had, was a 15-minute interview with Miya, her coach Randy Wright, and two action photos (which weren’t the best to begin with). I had seen this idea of those presidential buttons before so I knew I could play off of that. But in terms of constructing the ALL-AMERICAN background, that all came from a Google search for some inspiration. Needless to say, there was plenty of luck involved in this one. But I liked it, and it played really well with the theme of our newspaper that day — President Obama’s re-election.


These come as a combo … first … MENLO vs. SACRED HEART PREP

If you know me, you know that I play with this comic book idea, A LOT. Almost too much. I swear that one day when I am finally get to design the vision in my head, I will stop with it. But for now, it’s fun to go back and try to knock out a decent comic book front. One, I like my background. It’s good detail. It’s different than that grunge thing I do. Two, the covers were a bit of a challenge. I needed something comic booky … and with zero drawing skills, well it’s tough. I think Day 2’s come out a little better.


I think I like it better because you get a clearer look at what it the idea was originally conceived as. If I had the time, I would have loved to design eight different covers. But nope. No time. Anyway, this was a package deal Each day came with capsules we posted on the inside pages. Yes, we still played off the comic book theme.

Part 2 of this lllllonnngg ass month is coming up …




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