21 11 2012

So, thanks to the good people at MLB Productions and A+E Distributors, I had the chance to attend the World Premiere of the 2012 World Series Film. MLB recently released the end credit sequence which I thought was hilarious. Here, check it out. It’s pretty freakin’ awesome. You’re going to have to click on Matt Cain down there and it’ll send you to their site —

Pretty hilarious stuff.

I didn’t get to stay too long — with all the dignitaries in the building and all the pre-screening hoopla, I only caught say, the first 20 minutes of the film. But, I did write on the Facebook wall that 60 seconds in, if you’re a Giants fan, you’ll be in tears. Couple of photos from my whack ass camera phone.

The historic Castro Theater hosted the event

That’s Lou Seal directing traffic on Castro

Plenty of Giants awesome in the building, too

And for the ladies, Mr. Benjamin Bratt. I tell ya, the ovation for him was LOUD. It’s not the first time I’ve chilled with Ben at a event and the ovation this dude gets from females in insane. He told the crowd afterwards that some guys on the Orange Carpet confused him for Angel Pagan. Haha.

The Daily Journal is getting a screener of the film and I can’t wait to sit and watch the whole thing. It’ll be awesome. All in a night’s work =)




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