24 11 2012

Not too long ago, we documented the creation of a couple pages for the Sports section of the Daily Journal. And so, while I deal with a form of furunculosis (bleh) and wait for my football game to begin (good luck, Aragon), let’s look at a couple more. We got time, we got time.


If you follow July! (@julitolara, Tweeter, follow me), you’ve already seen Patrick Nguyen’s work. I asked him leading up to the Bulldog Bowl to send me a couple of his favorite shots. He was very kind and generous to do so. Here’s what he sent me.

I fell in love with the picture on the lower right-hand side of that gallery a long time ago when I spotted it while putting together the Bulldog Preview page. I knew I wanted to use it again. But I tried other options first, you know, for the hell of it.

But ultimately, I went to work with that one photo of Sam Atoe, safety of the CSM Bulldogs. Layer by layer timeline, time? Sure.

Apparently, the Bulldog Nation really enjoyed it. So much so, they beat Sierra College pretty bad. Anyway, shout out again to Patrick. As a designer, it’s a dream to work with photographs as good as his. My goal was not to ruin it and let his work shine through. Hopefully, I accomplished that.




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