6 12 2012

Another year, another gold nugget of a football game. I think secretly, well, not so secretly, I was hoping for a Menlo School versus Sacred Heart Prep football final in the Central Coast Section Division IV bracket. And verily do the football gods favor me. I got my wish … and a lot of great help on this particular project. There were also so interesting choices to be made. First, with the cover.

011 1201 sat

I commissioned my good friend, Carrie, to come up with some original artwork for the cover of the preview. We brainstormed ideas on our weekly trip to tPumps in San Mateo and after getting back to the office and going over my thumbnails, we settled on an idea similar to the up top. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, Carrie wasn’t able to capture what I envisioned. She did, however, kill it with the Gator eye. I love(d) it. So, I decided to use it in some capacity. The typography work you see is an ode to Super Bowl XIV … which presented a whole different set of problems as we approached deadline. I guess I can add to this blog post when I have the appropriate images. Long story short, don’t ever be afraid of Plan B — especially if you have great artwork.
As far as the inside info graphic is concerned, well, this one is one of my favorites.

015 1201 sat

There are a lot of interesting nuggets in this one. My favorite is how I was able to incorporate the fever charts outlining the “points per game” statistic. I thought it came out swell. Click for a larger look. My battery is down to 5 percent juice. It’s time to end this post. So I leave you with the words of my main man Jigga … “on to the next one.”




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