12 12 2012

So, ohmyjuly! readers, the time has come for a little self-promotion. Well, not that his blog isn’t already that actually. But, I’ve made a conscious effort to keep my blog about work and the things I do in the professional realm.

But my education isn’t in journalism despite the fact that I’ve been writing for almost six years. Nope, my education revolves around English and Creative Writing. And in about a week, after I take my last final exam, I’ll FINALLY finish my degree. I’ll be the second Lara ever to be college-educated, following in the footsteps of my baby bro who just got his degree from Berkeley. Any who, I’m Latino. And we celebrate such moments. If you’re around, I’d love for you to come.

Freedom Fest

It’ll be beer fun for a bit and It’d be great to see my friends who have helped me reach a personal milestone. The evening will also be the official release of my one and only ever won’t happen again in the history of Julio poetry project. Because it’s July, you get a glimpse of it here.

Picture 17

It’s seriously been a whirlwind to try and finish school. Kudos, big ones, to those of you with Masters, Ph. D’s and all that jazz. I have no clue how you do it. Anyway. Y’all know how much I hate celebrating me, but, f*ck it, YAY JULY!




One response

12 12 2012
Mother Theresa


What a tremendous feat (not feet, although you may have good feet), you have accomplished. Keep aspiring to learn and create. I’m sure you will succeed in all you venture out to do – keep the latino men educated and proud!

Regards – Mama T

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