5 01 2013

So, as I sit at Starbucks in Burlingame I find myself having a bit of an internal debate … and yes, without a doubt soccer has become my favorite sport to cover at the high school level. I guess I can go over my logic at a later date, but I tell ya, it felt great the last couple of days talking to coaches and trying to get a landscape of the PAL in 2013. And then, even cooler to be out yesterday afternoon at Aragon, bumping into friends and watching some quality soccer.

So here goes, our preview for the girls’ soccer in the PAL Bay Division ran in Friday’s edition. I put a little something together for the front of SPORTS. Here you go. It came out cool — it was just a stock image and then the placement of school logos over the soccer ball panels.

PAL  girls'

You can read the entire 1,200-word preview here.

But, briefly … I can’t wait to see Woodside play. Just jogging through their roster and talking to their head coach makes me think this will be a special year for them … oh, but only half as cool as NEXT year … talked to a San Mateo High School defender yesterday at Aragon, and she described at the team as “young” and gave me one those smiles that said, “we’re in for quite a year.” … Apparently, I haven’t been able to reach the San Mateo head coach because, he’s in Spain … Saw some familiar Aragon faces yesterday, too, which was reassuring … I think it’s a two-team race (Carlmont-Woodside) with Burlingame third, maybe 1-2 if they get healthy.

Anyways, boys’ soccer was published on Saturday. I decided two of the same visual treatment was overkill. But, I re-did the ball just for the heck of it. Here is it.

Picture PAL boys

You can read the entire 1,200-word preview here.

But, yes, like I said, I was out at Aragon vs. San Mateo on Friday. San Mateo is good. Aragon is going to be solid in the Ocean. If you want to read my story, here ya go.

Picture 4

I just realized I make a cameo in that photo, see me in the red BARCA hoodie (courtesy of my older sis!)? Handsome as ever I tell ya. Anyway, briefly … San Mateo is going to be good — their defense looks solid and they have Will Amaya who is a sensational keeper. … Took a lap around the Aragon track with Mrs. T — always awesome to catch up friends … This Mendoza kid is something else, he’s going to be fun to watch. … Speaking of fun to watch: Luke Petersen (Carlmont), Chava & Chavita (the Salvadors at Woodside), Jonah Synder (Burlingame), and while I didn’t write an Ocean preview, Aldo Severson and this kid Platino at Aragon (dude, what a pretty goal).




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7 01 2013
Mother Theresa

Thanks, Julio – another great article. Super fun article for me. I’ll have to remember to bring teh Chhetos and Diet Coke next time 😉

I look forward to seeing you ’round the pitch

7 01 2013

oh my oh my … well, at least it’s diet 🙂

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