22 01 2013

The last bit of that, is me, very excited. For a couple of reasons.

One, I’m a fan. A big huge fan. I’ve loved the 49er since I was a kid (Steve Young, where you at?!) and I’m more than a little ecstatic about the Niners back in the upper echelon of sports franchises. It’s where they belong.

Two. I’m a designer. And having our home team in the Super Bowl opens up a lot of opportunities for the Daily Journal to do a lot of great things with our Super Bowl edition. We’ve run variations of it in the past — with mixed results, to be honest. Mostly because the space allotment is so erratic you don’t really know what you’re working with until the last minute. Rushing equals no bueno in my book. Anyways, we’re here for the buildup. Two games prior to the one on Feb. 3rd. Two cover-looking treatments for the 49ers. Here’s what ran for our readers against the Packers.


The Michael Crabtree-featured piece came after my editor caught wind of our SPORTS cover and asked if we’d be building something for A1. Yes, Of course we would. Here’s how it came out in A1 world.


Pretty-flippin-cool. Anyways, the main event of that whole week was the SPORTS cover. We pulled that one off using a variety of things. First though, here it is in  it’s splendor.


I’ll go over this briefly … well, I was, but I don’t know where the original file is anymore. July Fail. But you should know this one was one hell of  project considering the Mr. Clay Matthews back there was a stubborn bastard. How do you make that kind of shape fit accordingly without overwhelming the illustration? Well, we figured it out. The star of course is the silhouette of Candlestick Park. I’m a huge fan of how that turned out.   

Which leads to the NFC Title Game cover and a huge sob story that revolves around a very nasty, very unforgiving flu virus that took control of my body for more than a week and left even my creativity crippled. I went into the office (finally) on Friday and whippped this up. I played off the same “stadium” theme (that’s the Georgia Dome in Atlanta) … and let me tell you, domed stadiums suck for this kind of stuff. Just saying. The big thing right now in the Bay Area? Kaepernick-ing. No hyphen. Think I’m lying? Google it.


There you go. The library is getting pretty expansive with these 49er pages. And, it’s only getting bigger with the team’s pending trip to Super Bowl 47 (XXLVII for you purists).




3 responses

24 01 2013

yay niners! they’ll finally get some airtime here on the east coast. 🙂

hope you’re doing well, Julio!

27 01 2013

Damn, that took me forever to do!

I’m hanging in there, R! Just working my ass off. Hope things are super on your side of the country! How’s the family???

28 01 2013

They’re good! it was super cold here and we had sheets of ice all over the roads this morning, but it’s warming up again. This weekend, we’ll be one of the very few in this area rooting for the Niners! most of our friends (who are Redskins fans to boot) are cheering for the Ravens for some crazy reason.

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