The Dethrone Burlingame experiment

22 04 2013

As some of you know, the Julio vs. Weight battle is a never-ending one.

And sure, I’ve had my fair share of excuses with injuries and such, but, I’ve successfully kept 90-plus pounds off my body for a good 18-20 months now, and I’ve always wanted to take it up a notch. Add to that, the fact that I’ve always wanted to write a story where we try out different local gyms and document the results and you’ll get what is now the Dethrone in Burlingame experiment.


My contact there is Jesse Jones, a mixed martial artist who once knocked a dude out in 31 seconds. I believe it. Here’s a bit of history, click on it and it’ll take you to their Facebook page:

Picture 1

Anyways, Monday, April 22 was my first workout and before I left to cry for a couple of minutes from exhaustion, Jesse told me to take notes — I said, that sounds genius. So, here you are, notes. I’ll try to keep this up for the duration of the experiment.

Before I got to Dethrone, I did some measurements at home — I’ll share ’em (natural waist is 40″ and hip line is 38″ … which made me wonder, ‘how do I fit into a 34″ pant size??!) — and that’s just for a future reference. Dethrone’s description is no joke — the airdyne bikes really kick the cardio to another level. A couple of minutes into the warm-up and you’ll already breathing pretty heavy. Jesse named the workout “Crazy Legs” and it doesn’t take a genius to hear the name and know that your legs are going to hate you in the morning. Jesse mixed it up, lots of plyometric work, light muscle training, and the medicine ball exercises were killer on the arms. I worked out with a group that had two women as my partners and they kicked major ass. While I like working out in the mornings, the noon class has some awesome people in it — I’ll keep going to that for now. Oh, and before I bounced, there was a scale there, 219 was the number — it helped with setting a goal. The beast from now on is the eating — today, at 2:59 p.m., lunch guilt level is at a 1.5. Tomorrow, I’ll try to survive the boxing class.

For a list of classes at Dethrone, go HERE.