The Dethrone Burlingame experiment: Day 4

25 04 2013

Apparently, the Dethrone Burlingame experiment has a following. So yes, please, read away. The more I go there, the more pain I’m in, but the cooler I find it.

Dethrone1  Dethrone2  dethrone1

DAY 4:



Starts with a confession: I said I was sore when I woke up for Day 3, well, I’m was lying. DAY 4 I WAS SORE. Man. Sucked. But it’s all about toughing it out, so I did. I got to Dethrone early to stretch for the Boxing Class and for a minute there it looked like it was just going to be Jesse and I. A minute into the jump rope warm-up … and in walks my worst nightmare.

Her name is Erin — and I mean worst nightmare in the nicest, most respectful way possible. Erin, mother of four who’s been going to Dethrone for a little more than a month now, IS A MACHINE! MACHINE! TERMINATOR SKY-NET STATUS!

Of course, as a competitor, my instinct was to try and keep up with her, but keeping it real (real, real, son), Erin whooped my ass. She’s a spectacular athlete. She’s friends with Jean (who I met in Day 2) and Cameron (I hope I got that right, she was there for Day 3) and apparently they all came to Dethrone together about a month ago. The woman’s core is phenomenal and Jesse commented near the end of my day that she, Jean and Cameron are the most hardcore women he knows. “They want that pain,” he said. I totally believe them.

Exercise wise — it was all hard today — the combinations got tougher, the cardio was kick ass, and I have no clue how I made it through the ab work. But, I did. My hip was tweaked a bit near the end, but it’s nothing to cry about. What a day. What a day.

LUNCH TIME GUILT LEVEL: (including last night’s dinner) 0. I was going to say 1, but, there are Chips Ahoy in the apartment right now … and I gave them the middle finger and drank my water. Success.



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