The Dethrone Burlingame experiment : Day 5

26 04 2013

Well, it’s Friday. And I was positive it’s Friday when, in the middle of today’s workout, the Pandora station lined up a remixed version of Melissa Black’s “Friday” — that dreadfully awesome song. Made me laugh, and got me distracted for about a minute before my legs starting burning again. Yes, we’re in Day 5.

Dethrone1 Dethrone2 dethrone1 dethrone1

As with any workout plan, you want to see results — although that’s a slippery slope because the first way to do that is to step on a scale and see what hideous number it spits out. I’ve been fighting the temptation to do that for the last couple of days since the experiment started, but today, I couldn’t help myself. I’ve been working hard.



DAY 5:

I decided to go to the 9:30 a.m. class this time around, because I have a ton of work to do and wanted to get into the office earlier than 2 p.m. Small class again — there were five of us including two-thirds of the Hardcore Crew made up of Erin (The Machine from Day 4) and Cameron. Lynette, a trainer there and newly added Facebook friend, was there, along with a … Todd (?).

Anyways, to be quite honest, my arms are shot, my legs are shot, my core is shot, from four straight days of going as hard as I could. I could feel my technique slip and I hate when I don’t do the exercises right. There was a lot of TRX work today, which is still incredibly difficult for me — still, the 35 minutes flew by. I missed biking the four miles by about half a mile. My legs are shot. Oh wait, I already mentioned that.

The more I’m around the women of Dethrone, the more I’m impressed. There is zero excuses, groans, it’s go go go and it’s impressive to be around that kind of determined energy. I love it.

Like I said earlier, I had to step on the scale and get home and do some measurements: I’ve put on a pound and a half and my waistline is still pretty much where it was was I started. It’s a tad discouraging given how hard I know I’ve worked!!! OK, more than I tad. But, I just remind myself there is a process. I’ve made peace (sort of) with the process. I’m going to keep busting my ass. Eating better. Today, I miss … pizza.

LUNCH TIME GUILT LEVEL: (including dinner last night) 2 … because I ate two graham crackers while at my desk last night.



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27 04 2013
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