The Dethrone Burlingame experiment : Day 6

27 04 2013

I’m sitting at the Burlingame library and dozing off here and there — which should tell that I am tired. I need some serious rest. Hell, I’ll take a nice nap. But for now, I’ll power through this post. The experiment must continue.

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Day 6 was my first crack at the weekend class. I expected a bigger turnout. And I was running late, trying to convince my body that it needed the day off. I find that the best form of motivation for me when you’re trying to power through something like is to call myself the most offensive name I can think of and remind myself that I don’t want to be THAT.



Day 6:

Like I said, i was running late, literally running into base camp and there was a good size class already in mid warmup. I should mention, for the record, that I HATE being late, to anything. But I had to do some serious self convincing. In theory, you should give your body a couple of days in the week to recover — muscles need it. As you can see, I don’t subscribe to that theory. Even my fingers are tired.

And I think I’m paying for it. I think I’m so dead tired that I don’ really remember any of the exercises — I just remember smiling a lot to get to my happy place and just get the workout over and done with. I think that helped. That said, I feel, better. I’m in the middle of accomplishing a goal and that’s always a good think, people. Always. The Saturday class was easily the largest I’ve been a part of — I’m going to say about 12-15 people. Let me try to remember:  a bit of boxing, the usual plyo work, burpees with a push-up and pull up thrown in for good measure, more squats than my 30-year old ass can handle. Rode that bike for 3.5 miles though. Good job, me.

LUNCH TIME GUILT LEVEL: I don’t know, maybe a 3. 2, even. Almost had a gigantic burrito last night following a night of Rock en Español. I won that little battle.