The Dethrone Burlingame experiment : Day 7

28 04 2013
My favorite shot from the incredible Dana Underwood! © 2013 #SweatEveryDay #IWILL

Photos from Shauna’s Facebook page. The bottom one, in that b-girl stance, belongs to Dana Underwood,

So, Day 7 of the Dethrone Burlingame experiment was a day six years in the making. I kid you not. Dethrone just added a yoga class, I’d say, within the last month, with Shauna Harrison … who is, for lack of a better word, a beast. We’ll get to how I came to that conclusion in a bit.

But, as part of the Dethrone Burlingame experiment, I decided I would try as many of the classes as I could. Jesse knows this, and so, without fail, he told me Friday that there was a yoga class Sunday morning at 8 a.m. and that he expected me there. ME? Julio? Yoga? Hmmm. Nawwww— but OK.

What Jesse and Shauna don’t know is that, from the first day I met my friend, Justine R.C., she’s been telling me, urging me, asking me politely to, try yoga. Other than taking a couple of deep breaths with her, and two minutes with it during my P-90X stint, the yoga she’s always wanted me to try has never come to fruition.

That is until Sunday, when, armed with Justine’s yoga mat, I decided to finally give yoga a try. Why not? So, I fall on my face a couple of times and look stupid? How would that be different from any other day?

DAY 7:

Well, the answer to that above question is: very different. Shauna doesn’t play around, ladies and gentleman. Having very little to no yoga experience, of course I was intimated. And while I’m fairly familiar with some of the poses (they might not even be called “poses”), this is different type of yoga. The call is called Muscle & Flow and Shauna explained that it’s definitely a hybrid of three different disciplines, mixed with some strength and plyometric work. … and that would explain the river of sweat some 15 minutes into the workout.

I can’t go too much into detail about this workout — mostly because I’d be talking nonsense since I know very little about yoga. All I know is that 45 minutes later, my shirt was soaked. And I almost killed myself trying to do a headstand. Give it a couple of weeks, I’ll be more graceful with it. Here’s visual proof I was at the class. I’m the awkward looking one at the very top of the photo. To my right is the awesome Lynette and in front of me is Jean, a third of the Hardcore Crew — who knocked out that headstand like nothing. Sweet Jesus, girl.

Dethrone Burlingame yoga class

My downward dog definitely needs help. Word around the bikes is that Shauna has like, 2 percent body fat (which I totally believe, my guess was more like, negative body fat) … and as her friend said, “She’s a beast. She’s one of those athletes that can pick up, go out and run a marathon right now, and kill it.” I believe that, too. I’ll be back for more yoga for sure.
Actually, we pulled a double for Day 7. I put on my shoes and did the 9:15 class. It was awesome. Mostly, because, I conquered a new level in the box jump. When I began, I thought I’d be a savage and hit up the wooden boxes — but after looking at it and measuring it out, I said, “ohhh hell nawww” and went over to the baby box. On Sunday, Jesse pointed to the double box … and I nailed it! Boom! Yeah, like that, son. It was fun to see a week’s worth of work materialize that way. I’m not going lie, the scale isn’t reading what I want. But I know there is progress when you can hit that jump, look over to your trainer and smile. Super awesome.