About me

So a long time ago I decided that newspapers were what I wanted to do. In my time, journalism has taken me to a lot of places I would have never gone on my own.

•Name: Julio C. Lara (but the friends call me JULY)
•Age: 29
•Reporter – San Mateo Daily Journal

•Stuff I’ve written –> http://bit.ly/a37YVO
•Stuff I’ve designed –> http://bit.ly/aM7XwZ
•Twitter Feed –> @julitolara
•Yes, I’m on Facebook
•Link to my resume –> Julio_Lara_Resume (updated)

5 responses

1 10 2010

I like your banner

6 11 2011

thinking of taking the plunge here on wordpress, but your site intimidates me! haha!


15 06 2012
Joseph Hoyt

Dear Julio,

I played football this past season for the Serra padres, knowing you wrote about us a lot and that your really good at what you do I was wondering if you could possibly give me some pointers on how to get onto a newspaper and be hired. I’ll be studying sports journalism at the university of Oregon next year and anything could help.

Thanks Julio,

Joseph Hoyt

16 06 2012

Hey Joseph,
This is Nathan Mollat, sports editor at the Daily Journal. My biggest piece of advice to break into the industry is to get as much newspaper experience as possible. Become a staff writer at Oregon’s student newspaper and try to get some kind of internship at whatever “pro” paper is in Eugene. Get as much writing/reporting experience as possible. Learn to take sports photos as well a newspaper design and layout. Be as versatile as you can.
Good luck!

4 12 2012
The guy who give you that name: yes JULy"

It’s crazy how people forget about true friends! I still love you ok..

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