The Dethrone Burlingame experiment : Day 3

24 04 2013

I woke up this morning thinking that if pain is actually weakness leaving the body, then weakness is taking its sweet time. Damn. Shoulders. Anyways, Day 3 of the experiment was a return to the lunchtime class. If you’ve yet to start following the experiment, Days 1 and 2 are below.

Dethrone1  Dethrone2

As for Day 3’s festivities, well …



DAY 3 :

Today’s ass kicking had at least five grown-ass men groaning, including yours truly — the class was six people small. I think I like that better. As much as I love large groups of people, I like knowing that I’m getting the technique right and that requires more personal attention. Today was “No Waste Wednesday” — no wasted time between exercises, no wasted time on the bike. I think the toughest exercise today was the medicine ball throw — it came near the end when your shoulder muscles are straight up numb.

I felt pretty good on the bike today though — and I finally figured out how to read those gauges. I need to adjust it for more resistance next time, but half way through the workout, I decided I wanted to try to hit four miles … lo and freakin’ behold, I hit it with about three seconds to spare. So yay! me. Although, damn it’s painful.

The last bit, the ab work, was tough today. I partnered up with Mitchell — he’s a 32-year old carpenter who’s been going to Dethrone since Feb. 12. He’s one of the original members. Mitchell told me he’s lost 25 pounds and that, while he’s always been in decent shape because of his profession, right now is the best shape he’s ever been in. Mitchell is one of those dudes that looks like he enjoys the pain that comes from these workouts. He also said he’s got a friend who’s upward of 300 pounds who he’s trying to get out to Dethrone, but who says that he’s embarrassed to go. I shared my personal story with him, being an ex-300+ pounder … hopefully that pushes his friend to come out.

LUNCH TIME GUILT LEVEL: (combined with dinner last night) 2. I did aitte.