5 03 2013

So the entire city of Burlingame was buzzing over the Weekend and well into Monday. Usually, on my trip to Starbucks in the morning (down on Ave and Primose), I’ll pick up a paper just to make sure I didn’t make any stupid errors the day before. But on Monday, the rack was empty and there were a lot more people reading the sports page — including the actual Central Coast Section Champions themselves apparently. I spoke to coach Pete Harames for a story we’re running on Tuesday and he sent me this. I thought it was cool.


That looks like Tyler Paratte reading the Sports page — or pretending to. Oh, the embarrassment. But anyways, that is legitimately Connor Haupt holding the Division III championship. Congratulations to them and to the girls’ basketball team who also won on Saturday. Burlingame, the high school, has always been good to me in my writing career. It’s nice to see the Panthers get their day. We featured the Panthers on the front page of Sports on occasion — actually more so the girls than boys — for no particular reason.

Picture 4

And I will say, I liked how the stories turned out. I don’t say that often. But I did. Click on the image below and be taken to the all-powerful Daily Journal website.

Picture 5




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